1. Rich.

    Guy Gavriel Kay: Just Enough Light: Some Thoughts on Fantasy and Literature.

    I'm sharing this because it's: The antidote to Brandon Sanderson! (whom I've read and enjoyed, I should say -- the "antidote" bit is clickbait) YouTube description: The eighth annual J.R.R Tolkien Lecture on Fantasy Literature. Broadcast online from Pembroke College, Oxford, Tuesday May 11th 2021.
  2. Timbo

    Stag Rider: Earth Guardians Book Two.

    Fuelled by a recurring dream and visions of an extinct volcano, Aaron is drawn to the Scottish Highlands for answers and meaning to his new life in recovery. Merlin has watched for years from his self imposed exile, waiting for the opportunity to conjure a stag from the underworld. It isn't long...