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Tails of a Country Garden

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No longer a kitten, and after being thwarted by his human servants for way too long, Fleet finally escapes into the garden for the first time. Strongclaw, older and supposedly wiser, has taught him what to expect – stupid dogs, mad squirrels, feline invaders – and his instructions are to chase them all. But as Fleet explores, new friends, including some seriously hungry foxes, don’t quite fit into Strongclaw’s menagerie of menace and mendacity, and his decision secretly to give away some of Strongclaw’s much prized food sets the two cats on a collision course. With Strongclaw’s advantage in experience, weight and practiced belligerence, Fleet will need the assistance of fate if he is going to help his new friends, and then of his friends if he is going to help Strongclaw!

"Perfect for cat and countryside lovers. Full of humour and charm." Your Cat Magazine

"We loved it!" Katzenworld
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