Imogen Green's Little Shop of Possibilities

Imogen Green's Little Shop of Possibilities

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Imogen Green runs a shop in London. But it’s not just any shop. It’s been in her family for generations. Behind the façade of gifts and trinkets for all occasions, there is a room where she concocts potions and lotions to make all kinds of wishes come true. As long as the wishes are ethical, that is.

Her only problem is Detective Miller.

The grumpy officer is suspicious about the goings-on in The Little Shop of Possibilities, but so far hasn’t found any proof of any wrong-doing. When he and his partner, Detective Rose, are sent to investigate a series of break-ins along the high street, Imogen must tread the fine line between fulfilling her vow to help those in need, and avoiding Detective Miller’s need to enforce the law.

Imogen’s side hustle may be seen as black-marketing by the rule-following police officer, but the real danger is the black magic that seems to be increasingly prevalent in London. Who is the dark practitioner causing Imogen to work overtime to counteract their effects? And will Imogen and Detective Miller be able to work together to solve the two cases before it’s too late?
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