The Strange Imagination of Pippa Clayton

The Strange Imagination of Pippa Clayton

Pippa Clayton is a grown woman with an imaginary friend and her daily life is accompanied by a soundtrack that she hears in her head. She envisions fantastical scenes unfolding, from travelling on the Hogwarts Express to bowling offenders who block supermarket aisles out of the way like skittles.

Clumsy but caring, Pippa is always there for her friends and always willing to raise money for a good cause. She lives alone with her cat, Mr. Fluffles, and works as a receptionist for an advertising agency where she has a huge crush on the new creative director, Tom Arnold. But when potential client Max Wild spots her hidden talent and asks her out on a date, Pippa has to be brave enough to leave the comforting world she has created for herself following an unexplained tragedy in her past and learn to face up to stark reality.

With the help of her family and friends, ranging from her BFF, Lucy; her hapless-with-women colleague, Tim; her hobby-obsessed mother (the more eccentric, the better); and her close friend Jemima, who is struggling herself with post-natal depression, Pippa learns to navigate the trials and tribulations of work and love as she finds herself confronting new challenges in her career and being caught up in a love triangle with Tom and Max.
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