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Alternative Deathiness

Alternative Deathiness

No permission to buy ($5.75)
I’m coming for you is a bad movie line.
For Death it is a promise.
We tend to like to avoid the concept of death, but it keeps finding us.
So we put together a book.
But what to call it.
We were sick of death coming in and taking friends and family, giving no regard for us except to leer from the darkness.
The answer came, in a callout to Steven Colbert: we opted for Deathiness.
Death didn’t like that.
I believe it was her fault (oh hell yes, death is a woman) that I found myself being carried out of the house with a couple of pulmonary embolisms and realizing that most people who were in my condition met the grim reaper.
So I resolved to change my life, be a nicer person, give up cheese products and…
Nah, I decided to invite the B Cubed family on board to talk about it and maybe have a laugh at Death’s expense.
So Death, be warned:
We’re Coming for You!
Robinne Weiss
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