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Greetings! to one and all

Discussion in 'Café Life' started by Faith Knight, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Faith Knight

    Faith Knight Fledgling - be nice to me!

    I'm Faith and I write YA historical from the hot and sweaty town of Austin, Texas. I've self-pubbed a few books but I'm now focused on fiction. Hope to meet likeminded individuals and learn from your experiences.
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  2. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

    Katie-Ellen Hazeldine Venerated Member Founding Member

    Hello Faith :) I am sure we can learn from yours. YA Historical....what time period?
  3. David Newrick

    David Newrick Well-Known Member

    Welcome Faith, lovely to meet you. I am just finishing off an historical novel by Philippa Gregory set in Tudor England. This was another recommended read which has exposed me to literature and experiences I would not normally have been involved in, so it has been very interesting.

    Good luck with your work.
  4. Robinne Weiss

    Robinne Weiss Venerated Member

    Welcome to the colony!
  5. Marc Joan

    Marc Joan Venerated Member Founding Member

  6. Paul Whybrow

    Paul Whybrow Venerated Member

    Welcome to the Colony.
  7. Carol Rose

    Carol Rose Guardian Founding Member

    Welcome! :)
  8. Island Writer

    Island Writer Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Lex Black

    Lex Black Respected Member

    Welcome to the Colony!
  10. Boopadoo

    Boopadoo Respected Member

    Hello and welcome!

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