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(Repeat thread) Difficulties with Pop Up

I posted this thread in Chase's Discord related room, though it's wasn't quite the right place.

I've tried to complete some pop-up submissions yesterday and today and found that on pressing "Send", a spinning arrows of nowhere go .... exactly that: nowhere. They spin and spin and spin ad infinitum.

I have no idea if my submission(s) have been successfully sent or received, and the page has no ability to refresh (at least not in Safari).

I was wondering if anyone else had similar issues and if so how did they overcome?

Ta very much like.
Thank you Katie, but forgive my ignorance: by 'inboxing' him, do you mean using the 'start a conversation' tag on the link in your message?
That's it :) Or, another way, look at the red bar, top of this screen, to the right of your name, where it says inbox with the envelope icon.

Bottom right it says'start new conversation'.

Chase Gamwell

Staff member
@Katie-Ellen Hazeldine thanks for chiming in. This may not be my forte, but I’ll give it the ol’ college try! :p

@Jimithyh, the advice @AgentPete gave is probably the best, but to better assist, what browser are you currently trying to submit with? With that info, perhaps I can suggest an alternative or look into some of the settings of the one you’re currently using.

And sorry for the delayed response!