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Fanfare I Woman I Admire

Just came Runner up in my first ever writing competition, for 500 words about a (real) woman I admire. I won book tokens :) I am ridiculously happy for such a small thing. But it is one in the eye for my 18 year old son, who said, when I told him I'd been shortlisted, "Don't get your hopes up, you'll never win." OK I didn't win, but I am a runner up!! Yahoo!!
Congrats! What will you spend the tokens on?
My daughter has asked for the latest Philip Pullman, so I guess some will go on that (and we'll both read it). Not sure what else yet. It was only £25 of tokens, but I thought of sending the woman I wrote about, £25 to spend on refugees. I might have to wait until next month until money is less tight. But I think she could put it to good use. A Woman I Admire writing competition results | YouByYou Books