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Greetings! Hello one and all!

Hi there,
It's Ant here posting for the first time in the colony. I am as yet unpublished but am looking forward to hearing what people think of my picture book story 'Stuck!', about an autistic boy who explains how his mind gets stuck and how we can help him get unstuck, which is appearing in the pop-ups feature tomorrow evening. Anyway, short but sweet tonight. Need to sleep!
Bye for now!
Hi Ant, Welcome to the colony. I didn't agree with the comments which were broadcast during the reading. The lack of a story arc didn't bother me because the sorts of kids who might like such a book might not care about a story arc. Not all kids are alike. Some like order and information. So, I think that the analysis of your book was not entirely in tune with an autistic perspective. That said, I did have some critical reactions. I didn't think that the comparison of the brain to spaghetti was very helpful. It was a bit negative. I prefer a tree analogy. An ADHD brain has too few branches around the control hub and this overwhelms the control center of the brain. An autistic brain might have too many branches and that is why the control center gets overwhelmed and - stuck. Having too many branches can sometimes be a positive thing because it can allow you to think about more things at the same time. Since autistic kids often like trains, I could also imagine a train station analogy instead of a tree analogy.
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