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Ever gotten a chance to plug your book?

Discussion in 'Café Life' started by Shackled, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!

    If so, whats your thoughts on it?

    A gentleman on the web wants to interview me for his youtube channel. The channel is not book related- it involves careers in computer programming and I have been such for almost 20 years with 5 more in game quality assurance ('tester', that is). My comments on one of his videos stood out above the infinite vortex of trolls that inhabit the web- likely a result of years of writing practice, and he responded. In the end, we exchanged some messages and he wants to interview me this Sunday morning for his channel. I said I would do it in exchange for plugging my novel Solarfall and the upcoming The Shadow Cabal.

    A computer programming channel is not 'ideal' for hocking fantasy novels but nonetheless, its better than nothing (which is precisely what I have so far beyond my site and FB page). Any advice on how to go about it efficiently and professionally?

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  2. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    Not sure what exactly computer programming jobs/careers look like (I'm hopeless with technology stuff), but could you maybe make the connection to your novel by saying that writing your novel helps your work-life balance. A creative let out kind of thing.

    Or did you ever have a work's gap during which you wrote to stay sane? You could discuss that.

    Or have you ever lost a draft and needed your computer skills to retrieve it?

    Is one of the characters in your book based on you? You might be able to make the link that way.

    Or has your stint as a gaming assurance tester inspired you to take a leap, start your own company (designing games), and your first game will be based on your fantasy novel? (But maybe don't say that the games you tested in the past inspired your novel). But that might make it sound you're advertising a new company.

    Or just simply, and probably best: could the interviewer ask at the end: 'And finally, Shackled, I understand you're multi talented and you also write books?' He could ask this to round off the chat. Sort of 'by the by' to show the listeners an other side to you. That way 'the advertising' comes from them, not you, and might not feel like a plug. Also, it would give you a couple of 'natural feeling' minutes during which you can go into more detail and give a mini pitch.

    I keep thinking.

    Do you know the questions in advance? What exactly will they talk about? Knowing that might help you.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
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  3. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!

    These are some fantastic ideas and questions. Thanks for coming up with them! To answer your question this is what is on the menu:

    1. Intro and brief discussion on your history/background in the industry
    2. What are the differences between a programmer & developer?
    3. How important is it to get a college/university degree in order to become a programmer/developer?
    4. What are some methods to self - study? courses, books, etc
    5. How to find an entry level job in this field?
    6. What programming languages are most common and likely to be used in the future?

  4. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    Ah, not much room to sneak anything in there then. Unless you say that one can always write books while one waits for the entry level job offer, but that seems a bit flat. Or say you've now gone for a career change since. Maybe my last suggestion. No one can accuse you of cheeky marketing of your work if the interviewer himself asks about it. Good luck with it. I hope it turns out to be a fruitful opportunity.
  5. Robinne Weiss

    Robinne Weiss Venerated Member

    Yes, if the interviewer is any good, they'll ask you about it. I was on our National Radio a few years back to choose the 'best song ever written'--the brief interview was supposed to focus on why I'd chosen the particular song, but the wonderful interviewer had done his homework, and knew I ran my own business, so he casually asked about it--I actually got some business out of that interview.
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  6. Robinne Weiss

    Robinne Weiss Venerated Member

    I was also asked to do bug programmes at a local BioBlitz event, and I agreed on condition I could plug my books. Then I somehow had to make my MG fantasy novels relevant to the biological sciences. I found the link in my inspirations for the animals in the books, and ended my programmes with a plug about how you can take an interest in biology in lots of different directions, not just by becoming a scientist. It worked. I was mobbed after every programme by kids and parents wanting to buy books.
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  7. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!

    Good stuff all around! I'll see how it goes. One good thing about this is that it forced me to sit down and think of a real title for my WIP. After coming up with a handful of choices, I bounced them off my friends and the winner was "The Shadow Cabal". Not really related but I've learned to never leave a question open ended with certain things- never go "Whats a good title?", go with "Which of these 4 works best?" ;)
  8. Amber

    Amber Active Member

    Be yourself? No, I honestly don't know but within stereotyping too much ... it's been my observation that fantasy novels fall well within the interests of many techie people. I suggest watching other interviews he's done on his YouTube channel, seeing how he generally conducts his interviews, and that should give you a better idea of what sorts of opportunities you'll have to talk about your book.
  9. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!


    The interview went really well. He was effusive in his praise and suggested I start a channel myself. I was flattered but I don't know that I have enough focused content, time, or a unique hook for a channel. At the last minute, I made a prop book with a printed cover to display on camera. :)

    It was a lotta fun and is already up on the web.
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  10. Robinne Weiss

    Robinne Weiss Venerated Member

    Give us the link to it! :)
  11. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!

    Here you go. Keep in mind it involves computer programming so it might be of little interest. Just go easy on me- first time I've been interviewed like that. :)

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  12. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    Hey, Mike,

    Great interview. Admittedly, I skipped most of the computer bits and went straight to the book and writing section. It works well. Sits naturally in there.

    Erm, you said in the interview you worked as a contractor for the US government. Has that taken you to the UK? You look familiar. I'm not sure I've seen you around the Alconbury gym?

    Great book cover, by the way. Even if it's on a different book. :)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017 at 8:39 AM
  13. MaryA

    MaryA Well-Known Member

    He's a good interviewer, isn't he? I enjoyed that. Shackled, you might want to say something more about Solarfall if you go back again. Tell them about the dark underground mines (a programmer's hell?), the evil overlord and the glamorous young seer who helps Sameal escape. Mention Tolkien and say this is for anyone who needs a little fantasy in their life.

    Promote harder, this is your readership. You sounded so confident and funny talking about programming anecdotes and how to get a foot in the door. You want that same easy, compelling tone when you talk about becoming a writer and what you write.
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  14. Robinne Weiss

    Robinne Weiss Venerated Member

    Well done! Nice interview.
  15. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!

    I kinda thought that too. In a way, you can see how I went from something I had a lot of experience in (programming) to something I had almost No experience in; marketing. :) But, the only way to get better is practice so this is just a first "go".

    Thanks for the props everyone too!
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  16. Shackled

    Shackled Fledgling - be nice to me!

    Thanks on the cover! No, I've never been to the UK but often dream of it. In fact, the way things are going here, I've extended that dream to "visit the UK and maybe not return..." >.>
  17. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    You must have a double working for the US airforce.

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