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Fanfare A teeny fanfare: being published, flash fiction born here..

Hmm. I'm not sure that the idea that you can 'sort it yourself' or pull yourself up by your own bootstraps quite reflects the modern view on the treatment of PTSD.
Indeed it doesn't, I am well aware.Married to ex army officer, brother a police officer, specializing in anti-terrorism. Ain't belittling the diagnosis.
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Very nice. Tough woman tells the softies to stick it. She'll sort it herself. Quite right.
A few years ago I was very frightened for a loved one. She went to the docs, they meant well but she was tough, she just was, no banging of drums about that, and she did indeed, 'heal' herself. Through animals. Doing fine now. And there is great healing in the smallest things sometimes.
Thanks, 1408, why not have a go yourself, and what news of the ferrets?
I may do in the future. In the meantime I definitely need to learn the art of writing flash and short fiction. They've never been my strong points! Alls good in learning though, so you're right, in the future I think I will!

Thanks for remembering my scruffs! Not sure when I lasted posted on here about them but sadly Kimble was put to sleep last summer after the vet discovered she had an aggressive form of cancer. Not wanting to bring the mood down in your thread, so thankfully to pick it up again I can say she had a great life and we caught it quickly so she didn't suffer long. I'm sure she's happily dooking in peace! As for Seb, she's developed quite the taste for toes. All the better when marinaded in sock. How's your crew? =)
Ah, sweet of you, don't worry about the mood :) All part of Life's rich tapestry, innit. Bless Kimble, well done for not letting her suffer, letting her out easy, and our old puss cat Willow, 17, passed away very peacefully since last time we spoke. As for Seb, I had a naughty hamster once went for my bare toes...Bam Bam - I think she must have decided they were infants of a rival intruder, as in the wild and on her territory, that would be intolerable to a hamster and she'd finish them off. I was sitting on the bottom stair, just out of the bath, she had the run of the hallway, suddenly stopped, stared at my feet with her rather poor hamster eyesight and...pounced. Wonder what Seb thinks feet are....