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Paul Whybrow
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Nov 21, 2017 at 12:41 PM
Jun 20, 2015
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February 25
Home Page:
Cornwall, UK

Paul Whybrow

Venerated Member, Male, from Cornwall, UK

I apologise for any images this evokes, but I noticed that an anagram of Harvey Weinstein is 'Shave Tiny Weiner'! Oct 21, 2017

Paul Whybrow was last seen:
Nov 21, 2017 at 12:41 PM
    1. Paul Whybrow
      Paul Whybrow
      I apologise for any images this evokes, but I noticed that an anagram of Harvey Weinstein is 'Shave Tiny Weiner'!
      1. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
        Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
        They should have said gerrrooooffff! Always the obvious option IME. If they did say that and he didn't, then ...THEN he is a criminal, not just a creep.
        Oct 22, 2017
    2. Paul Whybrow
      Paul Whybrow
      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Old age, when actions creak louder than words!
      1. Sea-shore and Quillwitch like this.
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      3. Quillwitch
        Best wishing for this new beginning!
        Feb 28, 2017
      4. Lex Black
        Lex Black
        Happy belated birthday!
        Feb 28, 2017
      5. Sea-shore
        Hope you had a very happy birthday!
        Mar 1, 2017
    3. Bluma Bezbroda
      Bluma Bezbroda
      Belated, but sincere: Sto lat! Hope you had a nice one!
    4. Emurelda
      Hope you are having a great day. Happy birthday!
    5. Carol Rose
      Carol Rose
      Happy Birthday!!
    6. Bluma Bezbroda
      Bluma Bezbroda
      I still didn't thank ou for the Irving interview- I enjoyed it immensly as always :) I still have to read the "Avenue of mysteries"!
    7. Sea-shore
      Happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you had a good one! :)
      1. Paul Whybrow likes this.
    8. Emurelda
      Happy birthday to a great Litopian! :)
      1. Paul Whybrow likes this.
    9. Carol Rose
      Carol Rose
      Happy Birthday!!
      1. Paul Whybrow likes this.
    10. Chase Gamwell
      Chase Gamwell
      Happy Birthday, sir! :D
      1. Paul Whybrow likes this.
    11. Nicole Wilson
      Nicole Wilson
      Happy birthday, Paul!! :)
      1. Paul Whybrow likes this.
    12. Bluma Bezbroda
      Bluma Bezbroda
      Sto lat! Gefeliciteerd! All the best! :)
      1. Paul Whybrow likes this.
    13. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
      Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
      I read recently, sheep meat is rich in a salt; potassium phosphate, more than any other husbanded animal. This salt helps with mood and sleeplessness amongst other things. What does it mean, when they die by getting 'cast'?
      1. Paul Whybrow
        Paul Whybrow
        Casting is not nice, as it refers to a sheep that gets trapped on its back, which can die of a number of things—suffocation, overheating, starvation and being attacked by wildlife—crows commonly peck the eyes and tongues out while the ewe is alive, meaning they have to be put down when found.
        Jan 6, 2016
      2. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
        Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
        Poor things. Well, I didn't know that. And someone told me badgers will eat lambs alive. Their guts. Talk about Nature red in tooth and claw.
        Jan 6, 2016
    14. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
      Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
      Did you work on the sheep farm? Am writing about a sheep farmer.
      1. Paul Whybrow
        Paul Whybrow
        No, I was a tenant there. working as a writer and running a community centre as a volunteer. I helped out when they needed an extra hand with moving the sheep—which are surprisingly slippery owing to the lanolin in their wool, explaining why shepherds need to grab them so hard. 'Sheep are born to die' is a universal saying among sheep farmers, as they do just that, dying in unexpected ways, such as getting 'cast'.
        Jan 6, 2016
      2. KG Christopher
        KG Christopher
        I worked on a sheep farm for a bit, in Ireland, well, I used to help my wifes Uncle the odd sunday, we would get a leg of lamb in payment.
        Feb 7, 2016
      3. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
        Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
        A friend had her jaw fractured by a Cheviot, jumping up and chinning her. Now, poor thing, about to lose a front tooth in consequence. There are 6 on the farm she helps out. She's not sure which one did it, and says she is therefore obliged to hate them all. :)
        Feb 7, 2016
        Paul Whybrow likes this.
    15. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
      Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
      Pic is very Rembrandt :) Flooding in Cornwall? I do hope not.
      1. Paul Whybrow
        Paul Whybrow
        That photo was taken by the light of two candles in 2008, when I was living in a remote cottage on a sheep farm on the highest part of Bodmin Moor. No flooding here, just the usual 50mph gales, and Spring has sprung already.
        Jan 6, 2016
        Katie-Ellen Hazeldine likes this.
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    February 25
    Home Page:
    Cornwall, UK

    * A Man Out Walking His Dog - A tale of mistaken identity.
    * Burpwallow Holler - Loyalty in post Civil War America.
    * Quarry - A gangster becomes prey in a lethal reality TV show.
    * Ghosting - How a lonely biologist finds peace with the ghosts of her life.
    * Is It Her? - A new start is offered to a grieving widower.
    * A Blue Tomorrow - Temptation and new beginnings on a farm.
    * Hearts On Tour - Small town friends support one another.

    Short Stories

    * The Moon Is Out Tonight - Two soul-mates separated by circumstance.
    * Due-Date - A soul in limbo is given a new job.
    * Jacqui In Space - A 20th century explorer on 22nd century Mars.
    * Over And Out - Things come to a head on a 50th wedding anniversary.
    * In The Graveyard At Dawn - A boy and his dog among the graves.
    * Soul-Swapping - Moving souls, a demon tries to get back to hell.

    Song Lyrics

    * 12 Country & Western Lyrics - hope, regret and seeing things as they are.

    * 13 Kinds of Blue - trouble's your only friend, ain't it?

    * A Dozen Pops - love in a bubble always goes pop.

    * A Dozen Rocks - head down boogie along the highway.

    * Box of Love - songs of love and hope.

    * Howling For You - the sadness goes on and on.


    * Love Stages - Love affairs seen at different phases.
    * Love Begins - The thrill of the new, the nervousness and delight.
    * Love Ends - What do you do when things go wrong?
    * Love Hopes - How would you like love to happen?
    * Love Wishes - In an ideal world your affair would be like this...
    * Nature's Ways - Aspects of the natural world, happy and sad.
    * Modern Times - What it means to live in the 21st century.
    * Old Age Navigation - Ageing stinks, but it beats the alternative.
    * Darkness - Written from the endless night of the soul.
    * Darkness Darkness - We all have our dark side - how's yours?
    * Loneliness - The poverty of the soul, when you're alone.
    * Solitariness - The richness of the soul, when you go solo.
    * Poems To Ponder - Thoughtful and amusing poems for children.
    * Witches' Knickers - Silly and nonsense poems for young readers.
    * Hold Onto Yourself - Funny and warm poems for youngsters.
    * Friends And Other Confusions - 10 Poems on liking others and yourself.
    * Building Story House - 10 Poems on creating stories
    * Lost Among The Words - 10 Poems about Writing
    * What Do You Like? - 9 Erotic Poems
    * Chasing Big 'O' - 9 Erotic Poems
    *Squeeze It - 10 Poems on Creativity and Setbacks
    * We Stop Ourselves - 10 Poems on Creativity, Doubt and Self-Belief
    * Love Scenes - 10 Poems about love
    * Free To Fly - 10 poems on getting through

    * The Perfect Murderer - a novel about a serial killer who makes no mistakes.
    I am a self-employed writer, means I’m working for an idiot who doesn’t pay me enough – but the holidays are great.

    I’m ex many occupations, from the respectable ‘career-ladder’ to disreputable “somebody’s- got-to-do-it”. All a good way of seeing someone else’s point-of-view. Best job, apart from writing, was dispatch-riding on a motorcycle in the 70’s, though I’ve also enjoyed teaching, librarianship, counselling and helping to run a community-centre. Sometimes I’ve looked respectable in a suit, other times a bit more wild and woolly ( though still stylish ) as a biker. It’s strange how differently people treat you, depending on what you’re wearing. A suit means I’m sometimes addressed as ‘sir’, but in motorcycle leathers I’m always referred to as ‘mate.’
    The worst job that I’ve done ? You really don’t want to know, but it was in a processed food manufacturer’s factory – put me off bacon, sausages and quiches for a long time, and made me look at pet food in a new way. I’m very glad that I don’t have any pictures.

    I’ve been writing since I was eight, when I penned a story about a desert island and attempted to compile a dictionary – as Clarissa does in my short story ‘The Moon Is Out Tonight’. I’ve written for magazines under a variety of pen-names, ghost-written a couple of biographies and had a column in a local newspaper.

    I used to concentrate on non-fiction of an informative, how-to instructional nature, as I’m a firm believer in the dissemination of knowledge to enable people to do things for themselves. Knowledge is power, and in these troubled times of economic downturn and increased intrusion into our lives by government agencies, its vital to know how to get through. My fictional stories also show people coping and finding ways to survive.

    I’m based in a Celtic nation,the county of Cornwall or Kernow. I’ve been here for twenty years, and have lived all over the country, as well as abroad in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the U.S.A.

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