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Alistair Roberts

Well, following on from a couple of inspiring people here, yesterday I started working on my own Author's website here>

So, what do you think? It's certainly a first for me, and I'm not sure how easy it is to read on a phone, but looks clear enough on a pc. Any thoughts appreciated. :D
Hi Alistair, Well done for starting your site :) Did you do all the photographs? If you did, they are lovely but I would maybe put them in a gallery and have a different background or a floating colour over the top because it's hard to read the text, especially the sample writing. A gallery would still allow for the photos to be seen. Or you could put them in among the text as smaller pictures. :)
Think it's working now :D

I like the photos too. I just think the swiping background is a bit distracting. But a good start for such a short time. Lots of author sites sprouting - I might need to join the fun :)
Indeed all the photos are ones I've taken. I'll take a look probably tonight to tweak it a bit, thanks all.
I agree with @Karen Gray about the text and images. I hope you can put them in a gallery because they are lovely, some of them just make the text a little difficult to read. One other thing, in Sample Writings you've written "excerts" where I think you've meant to put excerpts (ha, even I had that as excrepts just now!). It looks good, though! I can't believe you're on your seventh novel, and moving on to build another world in sci-fi! How cool! :D
Great pics and layout, so jealous it's already better than mine lol, on the 'about the author' page if you scroll right to the bottom, there's a sample paragraph and a blank contact form, perhaps these need removing?
Nice one. As others have said, the text is difficult to read on some pages, due to the background, and on one page there's a sample paragraph etc which probably should not be there. But it's starting to look good, so well done.
A question for all of you who have made websites; presumably part of the object of the site is to attract readers, so may I ask what you are doing about getting your site moving up the rankings, keyword choice, search engine optimisation etc? (Something I know nothing about, but I guess it needs to be part of a considered marketing strategy).
Thanks folks. I've made a few changes, but although I'm sure there's a way to put a background behind text, I couldn't find it? So I've adjusted some text colour, size and used bold etc..
Generally a great site. Suggestions for changes below:

As above, the title words are still difficult to read on the photo backgrounds, and the 'A. N. Roberts Author' bit is too small - it looks more like a comment than a headline.

I don't get the weather section at the bottom of the home page - I think it's best to keep such things relevant to the topic of your website - it just seems rather random.

I would definitely lose the moving images under the 'Novels' page - too distracting. And the page seems strangely empty - it would be good to have a cover picture and a bumf for each title. Also, on the 'Novels' page, the menu bar has disappeared - there is no obvious way to navigate away from it.

There seems a bit of a gap - 'Novels' lists three novels, then 'WIP' lists your seventh in the series.

About page - an author photo would be good. The page doesn't mention your name anywhere. And you've a dummy paragraph from Wix at the bottom.

Sample page - I think I'd keep this to straight text in a single column. As a reader, it seems odd to start with chapter 2. Samples for readers usually start at the beginning.

Trivial thing - the copyright details at the bottom probably need changing! '© 2023 by Nick Martinez'

Hope that helps!
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