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Science Fiction: Ridley Scott's Prometheus


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Carol Rose

Sep 13, 2014
Indiana, USA
I've been sick for three weeks with pneumonia, and my sister-in-law passed away unexpectedly early in May. She lived out of state and my husband and I have been going back and forth to help take care of her estate.

Our daughter graduated from college last weekend (also out of state) so we attended that ceremony and then moved her home.

But I'm finally on the mend and have been slowly catching up with my writing obligations. Not sure how long ago I updated everything, so forgive me if this has already been announced.

As Tara Rose:

Chelsea's Chastisement - Portraits Of Submission 3 - releases tomorrow, 5/18
No Ordinary Sin - Sin Hospital 3 - releases 6/15

There will be one more book in the Portraits Of Submission series and then I'm ending it and will continue writing book in the Sin Hospital series.

As Ravenna Tate:

Seduced By Two Warriors - Voyeur Moon 4 - released 4/29
An Appetite For Blackmail - The Weathermen 1 - releases 5/21

The Voyeur Moon series ended with SBTW. The Weathermen is a new series and I have a page on Ravenna's website dedicated to it here. There are 12 books planned in this series.

Thanks for letting me brag. :D
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Sorry to hear about your ill health and the loss in your family. Thoughts go out to you and yours. Congratulations on the contracts though :) x
Hope you are fully recovered, what a stressful time it must have been. Hopefully some peace and quiet, and writing will now fill the days ;)
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Science Fiction: Ridley Scott's Prometheus