How to Edit Your Own Manuscript - My tried-and-true technique

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
Guys, a slight change of plan. Pop-Ups will continue this Sunday, and the next part of the VOICE seminar will happen the following Sunday (25th).

For those who haven't yet joined us for Pop-Ups, you can (a) listen and watch on our Facebook page, and (b) Litopians can also take part in the live chat on our Discord server, full instructions here. Look forward to seeing you!
Does that mean my work could be read on April's Fool lol GREAT! :rolleyes:
Great stuff. I missed the first half hour of the last session (hence the need to catch it on line), because I was trying to get Discord working with my new headset with mic. When it finally went live I think I yelled something like 'whoopie, did it!' then realised probably everyone heard. I said something worse under my breath. That's the trouble with mics, people can hear you. Luckily the set has an on-off button if you want to speak, and I hadn't realised, so I hadn't made an utter fool of myself - but there is still time. :)
Don't worry about it. Discord chat was operating in text mode only. The seminars operate in audio, pop-ups text only.
Ah, missed that difference. Many thanks. looking forward to the pop up on sunday.

It's Paddy's day on Saturday, though, with Guinness flowing free to them what plays trad music. Last year it went through from lunchtime to 2 am next morning. I might have a headache!
Not open for further replies.

How to Edit Your Own Manuscript - My tried-and-true technique