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You want your readers to react when they learn you'll be writing 3 more books... :)


**Embargoed until 18.00hrs GMT Monday 18 March 2019**


Zephyr, an imprint of Head of Zeus, tonight announced acquisition of three new titles in Michelle Paver’s, classic bestselling ‘Wolf Brother’ children’s series. The long-awaited return of the series, which has become a global phenomenon and sold over 3 million copies, will launch with The Viper’s Daughter in spring 2020. The deal for world rights was negotiated with Peter Cox at Redhammer.

Wolf Brother was first published in 2004 and launched a global, bestselling series of six books. The most recent title, Ghost Hunter (2009), won the ‘Guardian Children’s Book Award’ with the audio edition of each book read by Sir Ian McKellen. Michelle presents a monthly live show on YouTube, Facebook and other streaming platforms for thousands of her keenest fans with ‘Please can you write a sequel?” being the most frequently asked question.

Michelle Paver says:
“The characters have never gone away, not for me and not for readers. Fans around the world still send letters or contact me through my website and as Wolf Brother is taught in schools, I regularly get letters from whole classes of students. Readers post fan art on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, even photos of their Wolf Brother tattoos. So back in January 2015 I began seriously to wonder: what did happen to Torak, Renn and Wolf after the end of the series? Quite by chance, I'd booked a short break in north Norway and on the plane, ideas started fizzing. As I tramped through the snowbound forest of Malangenfjord, I was plunged back into the world I love. And the characters started to speak to me. It is such a joy to be back there. It feels as if I’ve never been away and I hope fans and new readers will feel that too.”

An author who lives her art in the name of authenticity, Michelle has swum with killer whales, rubbed noses with wolves and gone face-to-face with grizzlies in the name of research. She says: “To research the new stories I've made extensive trips to Alaska and the remote islands of Haida Gwaii in British Columbia. I've travelled to the Chukotka Peninsula of far eastern Siberia, through the Bering Strait to Wrangel Island, the last known refuge of the woolly mammoth. I've picked up survival tips, magical charms and traditional foods from the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest and the Chukchi of Siberia. I've encountered humpback whales, snowy owls, walruses and polar bears at close quarters. All this has given me a fund of ideas for the new books.”

The Viper’s Daughter will be published in hardback with artwork for the jacket and interior illustrations by the original series artists, John Fordham and Geoff Taylor.

Nic Cheetham, CEO of Head of Zeus, says:

“Michelle’s WOLF BROTHER books are one of life’s great reading experiences -- a unique blend of painstaking research and pitch-perfect storytelling that transports readers of all ages back to the late Stone Age. This Tall Tailless is delighted to be going back again.”

Peter Cox of Redhammer Management says:

“This deal sees Michelle reunited with her wonderful editor and publisher, Fiona Kennedy. It’s taken some time to do, but fans all over the world will thank me for it!”



  • The Viper’s Daughter by Michelle Paver, the first new novel in the Wolf Brother series for 10 years, will be published in hardback by Head of Zeus in spring 2020.
  • Michelle Paver is an international bestselling author with over 3 million copies of her books sold in 37 countries across the globe. She writes for both adults and children and her work includes two of the most critically and commercially acclaimed ghost stories of modern times, Dark Matter and Thin Air and the prize-winning, million copy selling, children’s series, Wolf Brother series. Born in Malawi, Michelle came to England as a child. She studied Biochemistry at Oxford University before becoming a partner in a City of London law firm. She began to write after her father’s death prompted her to take a one-year sabbatical. She has never looked back.
  • Michelle’s latest adult novel, Wakenhyrst, is published by Head of Zeus on the 4th April, price £14.99.
  • Images of Michelle and the Wolf Brother series are available to download at the following link: Michelle Paver - Wolf Brother – Dysk Google
  • For more information about Michelle Paver visit
  • Michelle can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter: @MichellePaver Michelle Paver

For further information please contact

Loved watching the reaction of the people in the background build up all the way to hugging the dog in joy. Ahhhhhhhh. A bunch of happy readers. Nice!!
Not open for further replies.

Unexplained Sources of Income

28 Fabulous Writing Conferences in April 2019