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OK - this could be cool . . .


Fanfare! Not bad...

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May 19, 2014
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Apologies for my absence, here is a major deal just concluded. I'll be around again now :)


Jon Wood, Publisher of the Orion Publishing Group has acquired Michelle Paver’s ghost story THIN AIR from Peter Cox of Redhammer. Orion has secured World Rights and will publish in hardback and ebook on 6 October 2016.

THIN AIR is a spine-tingling ghost story set in the Himalayas during the golden age of mountaineering.

Jon Wood said:

“DARK MATTER is one of the books I have been most proud to publish – truly dark and terrifying.

THIN AIR once again demonstrates that Michelle Paver is one of the most fluent and powerful storytellers of our time.”

Michelle Paver explained her fascination with the Himalayas:

“Unable to sleep one night, I came across some mountaineering books in my study, and read into the small hours. I read of the great Himalayan expeditions of the ‘20s and 30s: the fever for the summit, the loneliness of high places; the delusions and the dread. On a mountain, the tragedies of the past can feel all too present. I thought, ‘what if there’s a ghost?’

Orion did a terrific job with my first ghost story, DARK MATTER, and I’m thrilled that they’re publishing my new one. With Jon Wood leading the team, I know they have the imagination, commitment and flair to take THIN AIR to the heights.”

Michelle Paver is one of the top bestselling authors in the UK. DARK MATTER was her first adult ghost story. It was widely acclaimed, a UK Top Ten bestseller, and was a Richard & Judy Bookclub pick.

Orion publish THIN AIR in hardcover and ebook on 6 October 2016.
Great idea for a story. I've recently read Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air and some books about the English attempts to climb Everest in the 20s and there's some pretty interesting material to work with - especially since above 20,000 feet your brain cells start dying and you can literally become delusional...
'Mountains are holy places,' as the saying goes.

We don't belong on the really big ones. The Lairig Ghru isn't; it's just nasteeee.
Twenty kinds of awesome! Can't wait to hear the details (also: secretly been reading all her stuff. Young (adult) at heart and all that....):)
Oh boy! I want to read this, and I think my brother will too. He told me a bunch of stories about supposed ghosts up Mount Everest, people that didn't return, and the dangers mountaineers faced. Congratulations on this, and I look forward to its release!
Not open for further replies.

OK - this could be cool . . .


Fanfare! Not bad...