News The Telling of Tall Tales- April Fool's stories 2019

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Hmm, Skrillex might have the success of every other mozzie repellent I've ever tried on holiday ...
Here’s a roundup.

I’d wholeheartedly support the British Transport Police’s smelly food crackdown! :D

Eeeh, I nearly fell for the one about the French government and the debate about the outlawing of smelly Camembert. But there is...or there was a by law in Lille against the carrying of a very particular cheese in taxis...they called it 'the old stinker of Lille.'

Unless that was also an April Fool's factoid, from many years back?
@Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, my sister once bought me a shockingly smelly Camembert from a farmers’ market and travelled with it on a bus. It smelled like a decomposing corpse, though a delicious one.
There's a local lady--an Italian immigrant--who makes the most disgustingly delicious smelly cheeses...The sort you've got to triple-bag in the fridge, and should require biohazard labelling. MMMMM!
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