The Premonition Bureau by Sam Knight

Question: Preferences on dual storylines

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Sep 25, 2014

After the tragedy of Aberfan, 21 October 1966, a psychiatrist and psychologist called Barker received reports of people who had had premonitions of this terrible disaster. Most tragic of all was one of the children who died. The little girl had told her mother about a dream she had the previous night. She dreamed that she went to school but there was no school, and everything went black. She went to school next day and died under an avalanche of blackness.

Barker, a man of frailties, personal and professional, set out on a quest to collect and collate premonitions. How common were they? How did they manifest. Could they be used to give an early warning on an impending disaster?

14 June 2016 I was in Carlisle when I had a presentiment of some terrible accident or impact that was about to happen. It would be involving a vehicle. I wondered at first if we were about to have an accident in the car, but decided no, that wasn't it. I said to my husband, we will soon find out what this is. It will be on the news soon. Two hour later, came the dreadful news of the terrorist truck attack in Nice, What use was this premonition? None whatsoever. It lacked specifics, and nor was there any possible avenue of action. I had one late at night the Monday before the latest school shooting. I didn't know what it was. I noted a physical sensation, affecting my head and shoulders. I logged a feeling of unease, saying to myself, what is this? I knew I didn't like it, but that was all.

Premonitions are not at all uncommon. Barker reckoned that it was at least as common in the population as being left handed, the capacity for premonition. We are more connected than we know or can logically explain.

This book is a great read. It raises big questions and tells many fascinating, if often deeply sad stories stories.

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I had a dream that my grandmother died. Next day I rang her and she was completely fine. Two days later she had a massive stroke.

One day I woke up convinced that I was dying. I checked my body for signs of cancer. None. I told myself I was being silly, but no. I remained convinced. That lunchtime, my papillon (who had a heart murmur but appeared otherwise healthy) went to his bed and died. I was partly correct. Part of me perished with him.
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Question: Preferences on dual storylines