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Review The Justice of Bunny King (2021)

James Marinero


Title: The Justice of Bunny King (2021)

Genre: Drama

Director: Gaysorn Thavat

Cast: Essie Davis, Thomasin McKenzie, Ryan O'Kane, Erroll Shand, Angus Stevens, Amelie Baynes

Release: 2021-07-29

Runtime: 101

Plot: Bunny King is a mother of two, a rough cut diamond with a sketchy past. While battling the system to reunite with her children, a confrontation leads her to take her niece Tonyah under her wing. With the world against her and Tonyah, Bunny’s battle has just begun.

Not quite in the 'Cathy Come Home' vein this has a good rating of 8.6/10 (36 reviews) on IMDB but I thought it quite hard work. One of our friends who accompanied us is a retired senior social worker and he did not enjoy it!