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Book Cover Designer? Illustrator? Artist? What?

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Oct 19, 2014

Been following the progress of this project for a while now and it provokes mixed feelings in me.

On the one hand I want. Oh I so so want one of these. My writing life would be complete with such a thing and it would enable me to treble my daily word count.

On the other, I despise it as yet another affectation/gimmick for people who want to pontificate about writing rather than just getting down and vomiting the words out in any way you can.

Feel free to abuse me for being such a tart but listen to the sound it makes. That alone makes me want one !

Arrggh !
I don't hear any sound :/ it reminds me of the ZX Spectrum lol I wouldn't have it. I'd never use it. I prefer to write on my research and relax machine and I get all that wrapped in my tidy laptop.

If you are into retro and want an extra thing just for writing to replace a typewriter (because really that's what it is, a kindle type e - ink typewriter) then go for it :)
Looks cute; I can understand it being a small object of desire. But it would make no difference to me other than giving me another object to spill tea over.
I know what you mean about nice stuff though- I'm a bit funny about the pens I use, even my red (or purple) editing pen. Not sure they increase my word count though.
I'm probably responsible for the decimation (read 10% destruction) of woodland the size of the Forest of Dean, with the number of drafts I've printed for review and edit. I may be wasteful and odd, but I can't help but work better with pen and paper, with blue, red and green inks sprawling all over black copy. So the idea of a large-screen electronic typewriter doesn't appeal, to be honest. Perhaps it would suit a younger generation, who have to be physically amputated from the International Spider Waste of Doom, who might need that simplicity?

(I've no idea how big the Forest of Dean is, but hey I was trying to be realistic-ish here.)
I don't hear any sound :/

This You tube video gives you the sound it makes...

And I guess that I would probably not buy one for a variety of reasons unless I found myself absolutely drowning in spare cash ! But I do like the noise the keys make. :)
My parents are big Luddites, so we had no computer when I was growing up. Instead, they had an old manual typewriter. When I decided I wanted to start writing fiction at the age of 14, I moved it into my room and clacked away on it. I miss the sound of the keys. But this thing looks like some 1980s beta computer type thing . . . I'd prefer a resurgence of typewriters. (Hey, vinyl came back, why can't typewriters?)
Oh gosh that would give me a migraine if it's that loud
I too have followed the Hemingwrite - personally I think if they'd included a printer like the old Starwriter by Brother, this would provide the complete, distraction-free environment. Write, print, edit. Take it anywhere.
Yeah but, yeah but...I had a typewriter a bit like that once. I like to see the whole page.
Not open for further replies.

Help! Quick question...

Book Cover Designer? Illustrator? Artist? What?