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What I'm Reading The Dun Cow Rib

Your book reviews, please!

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Hannah F

Full Member
Just finished reading a lovely childhood memoir "The Dun Cow Rib" by John Lister-Kaye, naturalist and conservationist, Anyone who was a country lad or lass in the '50's, '60's, early '70's will relate to so much of this (I did). His attention to detail and lyrical style is a pleasure to read.

Peter Hankins

I’m reading Klara and the Sun at the moment. I love Ishiguro, but the way people respond to his main character here (a companion robot) seems so very unlikely it’s threatening my willing suspension of disbelief. Anyone else find that? Literary depictions of robots are rarely satisfactory imo - most writers seem uninterested in how different a robot mind might be, and just depict them as naive but intelligent humans.

News Short story competitions

News New competition announced