Stardew Valley located in Midwest US

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izi 出久

Feb 21, 2022
For those who don't know, Stardew Valley is a video game.

Playing this game. Pass out in the game cause I'm not paying attention and actually irl about to pass out too from exhaustion. Wake up in my bed and the effing doctor charged me $1000 to put me there. Bro. Definitely set somewhere in the states. Stay healthy, y'all.
A real doctor or a doctor in the video game? If real, how did the doctor put you in your own bed?

(And so they gazed, and so they looked bemused that one small head could end up so confused.)
HA in the game. But it just cracked me up how much he charged me.
HA in the game. But it just cracked me up how much he charged me.
When we were in the US my son fell off the toilet tank, hit the sink and tore the skin just above his eye. My mother convinced me to take him to ER, "because his beautiful face. He'll have a scar." My son's ambition back then was to become a pirate , so he was all for being called Captain Scarface. Upshot, no stitches. A dab of superglue to close the wound. $650.00. Our Swiss insurance questioned that because it was so egregious. Thing is it was pretty much the same thing in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire when my 3 year old cut his head. Only a 4 hour wait with blood on the examining floor before the Dr. could come and dab the superglue on because it was above the nurse's expertise. UK and US two opposite extremes. Morale of the story: be unhealthy in Switzerland if you can. And keep superglue in your med kit.
Not open for further replies.