Capo Famiglia
May 19, 2014
London UK
I’ve been working frantically to get ready for this Saturday’s NEW ART OF THE BLURB live seminar. It’s very exciting and rather daunting, too.

I feel there’s a ton of new and very information to impart to writers, and I just hope I’m up to doing it. I also hope the tech holds up… We’ll see.

We’re marketing this in all the wrong ways. The FT once grudgingly called me a “marketing genius” but it was no compliment: it was about the growth of vegetarianism, and the same piece also made a point of (somewhat obliquely) comparing me to Adolf Hitler. Hitler? Vegetarian! Cox? Vegetarian! Get the connection…?

Actually, as I’ve tried to point out on many occasions, someone who eats baby pigeons and has injections made from bulls’ testicles isn’t exactly a vegetarian. But that’s probably too fine a point for the FT.

Anyway, this is an innovative approach to the Wild West of seminars / writing courses. There’s almost no publicity or promotion. The price is either free (if you’re a Litopia full member) or about the cost of a hardback, $19.95, if you’re a non-member. From a marketing standpoint, that’s an insane strategy. We ought to be milking the seminar market for all it’s worth… which is a lot…

But I’d rather boil my head in almond milk than do that. Ripping off aspiring writers is the way the publishing business seems to be going. If so, then it’s in a death-spiral.

I’m aiming to do about a dozen of these, covering all the main bases / tricks & techniques that you need to know as an author. The aim is to empower you – not to take your writer’s power away and turn you into a passive consumer.

When done, they’ll all be available to members inside Litopia.

See you on Saturday – there’s still time to get a free place or buy a regular one.