Seaspiracy (2021)

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RK Wallis
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Feb 15, 2019

Title: Seaspiracy

Genre: Documentary

Director: Ali Tabrizi

Cast: Ali Tabrizi, Sylvia Earle, Richard O'Barry, Paul de Gelder, Lucy Tabrizi, Jonathan Balcombe, George Monbiot, Michael Klaper

Release: 2021-03-24

Runtime: 89

Plot: Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species — and uncovers an alarming global conspiracy.

I know this is a documentary, not a story. Sorry about that. And there are some very disturbing images here (mostly near the end), so only watch as much as you can tolerate. I'm still feeling sick to the stomach but the message is crucial i.e. no sealife by 2048 means too much carbon in the air to sustain human life.
Watched this the other night. The Thai slavery stuff wasn't news to me as it was all over the newspapers a few years back. The EU threatened to stop importing fish from Thailand and at one point it seemed that inspections etc had improved things but I wouldn't be surprised if they were now back hiding the slaves below decks until they are out to sea. It happens in the fruit canning industry too so remember that next time you open a can of pineapples. One reporter who worked for a Scandanavian human rights group got taken to court by a well-known canning company for writing about the exploitation of children and had to flee for his life. Defaming someone on the internet even if it is true is illegal here!!! Conservationists and antilogging protestors regularly wing up with a bullet in the head out in the jungle. They have an expression here which roughly translated says: 'If you put your hand in my rice basket I will chop it off
The real problem we need to face up to is of course that of human population but no one wants to stand up and say we must cut it. With too many people and too little fish the solution is of course obvious:

Eat more people, less fish. Join your local cannibal group today and save the planet!!! :)
Not open for further replies.

Made me smile....

27 Fabulous Writing Conferences in July 2021