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Fanfare Release Day!! Imaginary Lover - The Doms of Sybaris Cove 7

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Carol Rose

Imaginary Lover is the 7th book in The Doms of Sybaris Cove...

*Dom and IT department head Tom Raleigh has always considered cargo pilot Ivy Balloux his imaginary lover, until Tom’s sister steals Ivy’s fiancé. Convinced she’d rather eat glass than look at another Raleigh family member, Tom continues to keep his distance.

Dom and project manager Merrick Durante is so infatuated with Ivy that he has her flight days and times memorized. But the impending trial of Merrick’s brother for arson and murder has him keeping a low profile.

Ivy Balloux has worshipped Tom and Merrick from afar for years, but the convoluted history between their families has forced her to keep her distance. When the three finally get together, they work hard to overcome outside forces that would just as soon tear them apart.

When Tom’s sister plays a cruel joke on Tom and Merrick, they risk the curse on their families to leave the island and save Ivy from danger. Will they survive the curse?*


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