persuade me...

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Erm, which seminars?

I guess it would depend on which seminars ...

The good thing is, the ones on here are free. And excelllent.
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Hey @NickP . I just realised: do you per chance mean the seminars posted here on the forum?

From what I know, you can access the seminar section (the section where they're posted after the event) if you are a benefactor or higher; and you have to be at least a patron for the submissions surgery section. The actual live events are free though.
@Barbara , I don't think you have to be a patron; (tried to quote from Submissions Surgery!)

"How do you qualify to make a submission? You must:

* Be supporter of any level. Litopia costs money (mine!) to run! If you value it, please support "

I am open to correction :)
@Rainbird , I'll check it out closer, but the way I understod it, everyone can submit, it's free and so is the live event, (like you said, and as I said in my earlier post). But it's the viewing later which might be the 'perk' of being a benefactor etc. But yes, I'll check to clarify . Maybe @Carol Rose or @Rich. know more.

I shall make it the task of the day to figure it out:)
So you have to pay to view the archives..?

Thing is, I can afford it, but the socialist in me rebels. Are you really on a level playing filed, attracting would-be and actual writers of all ages and backgrounds? Or will you end up with wealthy, older, middle class writers mostly?

Need to think about these things.
@NickP like I said, I'll check it out to clarify re the archives, so no need for the socialist in you to rebel this early on a sunny morning. But in the meantime, I'm hundred and xillion percent certain that you can submit and view live for free, which means no matter your age, or background, or whatever, anyone can get the content.

From how I understand, it costs money to run this site. I value this place and the knowledge I receive which is why I've chosen to be a benefactor (that's all I can afford at this point); to support the site and to help it have a long and happy existence where writers can meet and learn whatever their background. But that might be the socialist in me. ;)
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to pay for access to the "live seminars"?

I’m about to post part two of the “Voice” seminars, something I was close to doing before my break, but couldn’t quite complete before I left. This represents a lot of work on my part, and a ton of distilled experience which, if you absorb it, will make your work significantly more commercially attractive than the vast majority of submissions. It’s up to you whether you place any value on this sort of thing or not.

I’m trying to find a balance here between keeping the essence of Litopia open and free to everyone, but also offering a range of “added value” options that represent stunning value-for-money (particularly when compared to other commercial offerings) which will allow Litopia to thrive and grow. Let me know how it’s going.
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