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Jay Aitch

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Aug 29, 2014
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How many writers state they've been writing since childhood?

It's a rhetorical question, because the answer is obvious. And a cliche.

The answer is also nonsensical.

Every child, every single child, in the (English-speaking) world has written something in their youth. We all had to as part of our indoctrination - sorry, education. Be it in English Language or Literature lessons, History, Religious Ed ... Heck, any of the Humanities ...

So why do some writers point out the absolutely bleeding obvious? What is the point? Is that not just a waste of ink (or screen space)?

Would it not be more reasonable to say that one LOVED writing since childhood? Because surely that is more significant.

Perhaps I'm making an issue out of nothing. Perhaps, I am jealous of those individuals who have spent their entire lives working with words, knowing from the outset what they wanted to achieve in life. Or perhaps, I see such declarations as unimaginative and borderline condescending.

Perhaps it's all of them.
It's a dull thing to say, and yes, risks coming across as perhaps a tad precious, borderline pompous. But also, it's not a strong card to play - too generic.
Totally agree with you both.

Maybe they are trying too hard and want to sound dedicated? Or maye they feel insecure about their lack of 'published' experience.

Personally, I think it weakens a submission to say they've been writing since childhood unless they have had some sort of success / published work as a kid that is worth mentioning. Just because someone wrote since they were toddlers, doesn't mean that their work is any more or any less good. It's the current sub that counts.

Actually, I wonder if it can work against a submission?
Um. There's writing and there's writing. Some kids only do their school assignments and others keep writing even when they're not required to.

Although, it is something everyone says.

Sometimes they say it when it's not true. I know someone who started reading novels when they were in their late thirties. Before they were forty they decided to become a writer. On her website it says she's always been a writer.

I think they do it because they want to be real boys. Don't we all.
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Interview with Neil Gaiman