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Fanfare New Contract and Two New Releases

Writing - best practice

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Carol Rose

Ravenna has a new contract with Evernight! SEDUCED BY TWO WARRIORS - the fourth and final book in the Voyeur Moon series - has been accepted. I anticipate this one will be released in late April or early May. :D

Tara has two new releases!

Today's release is Volume 1 of the Passion Peak, Colorado Collection. Siren is releasing that series in two volumes for a special price. Volume 1 includes SEDUCING CARMA, MASTERING ANGELA, and TRAINING SUMMER for only $2.99. A decent price considering it's over 228,000 words. ;)

Volume 2 will release in April.

And tomorrow the first book in my second brand new series for Siren releases. THERE'S A NEW SIN IN TOWN - Sin Hospital 1

Thanks for letting me share. :)

Alistair Roberts

Congratulations again. You should get a bonus for being so productive!
Not open for further replies.

Writing - best practice