New Chat Room For This Sunday’s Pop-Ups

New Commercial Publisher Launched

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Capo Famiglia
Full Member
May 19, 2014
London UK
I’m pleased to say we’re trying out a new chat room for this Sunday’s Pop-Up Submissions. It’s right here, inside Litopia – you should be able to see it on the main menu above, right now.
This should be considerably easier for Litopians – there will be no need to separately join Discord. And it will also be available to you in-between live shows, too.
Two things to point out: (1) it’s experimental, the impact on our server is at the moment unknown; and (2) after a while it’s likely that access to the chat room will be only available to members who support Litopia, i.e. Benefactor level (give what you want) or greater.
See you in the chat room on Sunday!
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New Commercial Publisher Launched