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Review Movies In Brief...

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Capo Famiglia
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I’m seeing so many movies at the moment I don’t have time to post reviews. And when I do post, I want to bring your attention to writer-specific issues. However, in a nutshell...

Two Days One Night Well worth seeing, seems to be doing very well at our local Everyman, being held over there for about a month. Amazingly naturalistic writing, directing and performing.

A Most Wanted Man Sadly, not the grand finale to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s career that many of the misty-eyed reviewers would have you believe. But a good-enough movie. Late le Carré, not vintage.

Sin City 2 Stunning visuals, wooden acting, execrable sexual politics, apparently produced without the benefit of anyone who understands screenwriting.

The Rover Bleak.

Guardians Of The Galaxy I didn’t mean to see this.
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