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Complete rewrite - first chapter

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May 19, 2014
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Acres of golden sand. It worked for the Victorians, and it works for me.

Your first, and last, sight of Margate. A genuine horror. Even more shocking to find this urban monstrosity in a seaside resort. Pieces of it are falling off. People still live here.

2019-11-23 10.23.06-1a.jpg
Parts of it are gorgeous.

Parts of it are inner-city hideous.

There are lots of shells.

You have to be on the watch for zombies - ALL the time.
I went to Margate a couple of years ago for a romantic birthday break. The best word to describe it as a place is: peculiar.
The old and the new and anything in between... I spent my days in the novitiate in the town next to Margate- Broadstairs and have often wondered what it would feel like going back to visit- Oh dear, not even the sea would be able to contain the nostalgia!

If ever my book on nuns gets published, I must go back and hold a conference about how things were in the "good old days" of the 60s. I think it would create a stir, if not rocket the sales of real ripe tomatoes sky high. :D
Cool shells. The shell on the left would be an excellent shape to paint on.

Is that block of flats actually leaning or is it just the tilt of the camera that makes it so?
I notice the block of flats has a 'Block Brexit' sign.
I think if I lived there, Brexit would be the least of my worries :)
I was thinking that... or you could pair it with an even tinier one that's also painted, and nest it in the hollow. Decorated with Polish folk art inspired artwork.... tra la la, getting carried away here :D (This is why our windowsills are full of beach pebbles and shells, can get addictive)
Another husk left over from the hayday of British seaside holidaying - probably a good setting for a murder mystery/detective novel.
Hum, the setting from the heyday of British seaside holidaying as you describe it Robert is excellent for any novel. The convent where I spent my novitiate days was build right on the edge of the cliffs in Broadstairs, a town next to Margate. The nuns had a private beach with steps leading to it. Sometimes we went down for a swim. I remember in those days swimsuits had a padding on the breast part which I hated and took it out, only to find when I came out of the sea, I could see my nipples piercing through as if the material was transparent. I felt so embarrassed! Well you did in those days and being so young.

That particular scene is described in my MS "Stiletto Heels and Ankle Socks-" Only there's a gorgeous looking priest who surveys such bathing beauties (nuns), and tells the M/C to cover herself up! :D
Interesting also to know in that area (Thanet), namely Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, you will find at least 60 famous people were born and bred there or in some ways connected. Charles Dickens had a holiday house in Broadstairs and wrote David Copperfield there.
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Complete rewrite - first chapter

Little Treats