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The Power & Glory Of The Edit/or: The Lord Of The Flies

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May 19, 2014
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I’ve always had a weakness for anything noir-ish... The Maltese Falcon being my favourite film, and British noir (yes, there was such a thing) something of a recondite pleasure.

And I'm looking forward to Sin City 2, although whether this is truly noir may be questionable.

Anyhow - if you share my passion, I’m going to share a gem with you. Old time radio (OTR) contains at least two series that will satisfy your lust for noir profusely.

Actor Bob Bailey may be largely unknown now, but in his day, he was a huge radio star. His first big series, Let George Do It, concerns the adventures of a private dick-for-hire. His second, and arguably best, is Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – billed as "the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account — America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator." It might sound a tad unpromising, and a few of the 500 episodes (yes, 500!) were clunkers, but there are also some fabulous, atmospheric and indeed spine –tingling gems, too.

Links above go to the Internet Archive where you can download all these shows, or try this podcast or this one if you find it easier to subscribe via iTunes.

On a good day, Bob Bailey could hold his own with Bogart... that’s how good he could be.

How weird. I dreamt last night I was in a giant basement, collecting props for Humphrey Bogart. I was browsing shelf after shelf of trilbies, or some kind of hat like a trilby, shirts, scarves...
It's a long time since I've watched film noir. Dislike the sensation of disorientation. So stylish, though.
True Detective was absolutely excellent. The Matthew McConaughey character was one of the best I've seen on screen, a cynical, understated, intellectual detective! He was almost a literary character, I thought.

In fact, the creator of the series, Nic Pizzolatto, is a novelist first and foremost. I ordered one of his books from Amazon but haven't read it yet.

I agree with you, Richard, that it's a shame the characters are changing, but it's encouraging to see US TV producing material of this quality.
Matthew McConaughey in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB was excellent, a case of a career coming to fruition kinda late, but good nonetheless. If TD is on par, I’m sold.
Yeah, I watched DBC after True Detective and can affirm that the acting and script quality are of a similar level. Let's face it, you can't come off Breaking Bad cold turkey. Let True Detective be your methadone. It worked for me ;)
True Detective is right up there with Band of Brothers as the best I've ever seen on the telly. Will have to catch Breaking Bad at some point, too.
Agreed: if you got completely cracked-out from bingeing on Breaking Bad, True Detective is your next best bet. Also, more popcorny but still excellent, specially with all the southern niceties and gallows humor I'ma say Justified, based on Elmore Leonard's work, as well...
Do you have Sky Pete? It was initially shown on Sky Atlantic and I caught it on repeat. They'll probably put another run on at some point.
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The Power & Glory Of The Edit/or: The Lord Of The Flies

Book Review: (Misery) Memoirs