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Capo Famiglia
Full Member
May 19, 2014
London UK
To outside observers, it can appear as if new, bestselling authors miraculously appear overnight. In reality, "overnight success" is invariably the product of many years of hard work.

Writers develop their craft in two ways. First, by practice – lots of it. And second, by evaluating and learning from other writers’ work. It’s an organic process.

Which is what our weekly Huddles are designed to do.

Full Members can bring along anything they’re actively working on. Cover letters... author bios… synopses... the first ten pages of your manuscript (sometimes more depending on how busy we are)… Or simply your questions, concerns or discombobulations. The publishing business is a strange one and often proves mystifying for newcomers.

However, you don’t actually need to bring along anything at all. Simply attending, listening and contributing your thoughts where you want to is quite sufficient. There is no pressure to take part: you’ll still benefit. Note that to protect participants, Huddles are extremely private. By taking part, you agree not to divulge what occurs there.

A New Huddle Format​

Today’s Huddle sees us crystallize a format we’ve been experimenting with for a few weeks. It’s not a radical overhaul, because the unique essence of Huddle has proved its worth over time. Here's the new running order, UK times:

4:30pm – The Salon​

You can log into the Zoom session from 4:30pm onwards, using the link provided in the Huddle Hangout. For the next half hour, it’s an open-house literary salon… feel free to chat about anything that’s caught your eye or is buzzing in your bonnet. Always enjoyable, frequently hilarious.

5:00pm – The Zeitgeist​

More than most people, writers need to be aware of the current zeitgeist. The emerging genres, the surprise bestsellers, the books you’ve just discovered that thrill you. Writing success is so often a question of good timing… here’s where you can fine-tune your radar.

5:30pm – 7pm – The Workshop​

You’ll probably be familiar with this part of the Huddle: it’s where we roll our sleeves up and perform surgery, major or minor, on Huddlers’ works-in-progress. This is where you’ll hone your craft, week after week.

Signing Up​

The sign-up process has changed a little bit: you’ll now find a notice giving details of the week’s forthcoming Huddle posted here in Café Life. To sign up, simply add a post to that thread saying “I’m coming!”.

You will then be granted access to the private thread in the Huddle Hangout, where you can post any material you’d like discussed.

And finally, Huddles are free to all Full Members. We don't charge by the session. You can come to each and every Huddle during the course of the year... because that's how writers gradually hone their skills. The cost of Full Membership will be increasing soon, so if you're not already one, upgrade now: