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Amber Zade


I think my head started to spin yesterday when someone told me that their character's life fell apart after the main character died. As a bonus, this character was already in prison albeit for a white collar crime. When I asked him why, after years, they were still miserable, he said 'Because their breadwinner died.'

Just WOW. Maybe that's all I need to say. No, no I have more to say.

Since the beginning of time, women with children will find a way. We survive. If we have a child, it's a rare woman who decides she just can't make it without the 'breadwinner' and finds herself unable to find her own bread a la 'Flowers in the Attic'.

Men, I feel sorry for you because if you suspect that the moment the child is born, you're a second class citizen in your own home, you're right. You are. You're no longer the priority.

Happily enough, this isn't all bad news for you. Your importance still can't be played down and in situations where an awesome relationship already exists, where a true partnership between man and woman is already in place, with fine tuned communication, common goals, and a vision for the future, you are essential.

Go to prison for a white collar crime though and for me it would be over. For starters, white collar doesn't mean 'nicer'. It only means more entitled. It also means you probably exploited innocent people and you are a liar. So no, white collar doesn't make it better. It means instead of stabbing someone in the ally you only made someone want to meet the pavement from the height of a tall building. It's still misery and despair caused by your greed.

Die in prison and yes, I'd be sad. I'd grieve the loss of the dream, our future together, our vision of the life ahead (which we didn't actually have because ... .well look ... you ended up in jail doing something I had no knowledge of) but I'd get over it.

Women with children don't need a breadwinner. They need good men. A loss of a man that isn't that good, isn't a big deal, and everyone except VC Andrews knows it.

Women free of useless men don't live life's of misery. They buckle up. This isn't 1950 any more - and even then ..... women with children .... fight and win.

Breadwinners! Like women haven't been breadwinners whenever we've been allowed to be breadwinners. Just ...... WOW
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Steven McC

This is kind of an obvious thing to point out but the fact that one man made an idiotic assumption doesn't reflect badly on the rest of us.

This thread should be called 'Dear idiots' rather than 'Dear men' ;)
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