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Someone Gave me a Marvelous Gift on Litopia!

Book Review: Color Out of Space (2020)

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
As you can see, we’re well into our updates here in the Colony. Most of the teething issues have now been resolved with the Colony’s new design. Colony emails still arrive with impossibly big lettering! Sounds easy to sort out, but so far I can’t actually see where this originates… will track it down eventually.

I’ve implemented a new (additional) voting system for Pop-Ups. As you know, we now keep the voting open for the entire week after each show, basically so that members of the public who view the show’s recording can also vote.

In addition to that, we’ve now got an instant vote here inside the Colony for Litopians only. I’ll show the results live on-air before the end of each show. It will be fascinating to compare these results to the bigger vote. You can access the Colony vote inside the Pop-Up Submissions forum here, e.g. next show is already up (but don’t vote yet!):

Pop-Up Submissions LIVE 28th June with Publisher Melissa Eveleigh

I’m now updating the main Litopia site, This is the “outer” site that non-members see, and it runs on completely different software to the Colony, Wordpress.

Very sadly, I’ve lost my designer of many years – he felt it was time for a career change, which is understandable, but it’s left me without a talented and reliable designer/programmer. In addition to Litopia, he also very successfully designed several other sites we manage, so I’m feeling quite bereft!

For the moment, I may just tackle the outer Litopia site myself. But it means that I am now looking for another creative Wordpress maven. There are lots of Wordpress designers around, many of variable quality. If you can wholeheartedly recommend someone you know, I’d be very interested. Personal recommendation is usually the best way to find good people.

Pop-Up Rehearsals
We are slowly getting there with the technical side of Pop-Ups. I must admit I didn’t anticipate just how disruptive it would be when we updated the camera, audio and set simultaneously. Lots of unexpected consequences. I found myself fumbling for buttons that either weren’t there, or didn’t do what I’d come to expect them to do. Things are settling down now, last week’s show was the best so far with the new set-up, but we still need a couple more rehearsals. If you’d kindly like to volunteer to be test guests, please get in touch. The show will not be transmitted, and won’t be as long as a typical show. I’m thinking about Thursday this week and Friday, both at 5pm UK time.

Hope it’s a good week for you. If you’re in the UK or US, please still be very cautious about dropping safety precautions – this thing isn't over yet.
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Can't help with the designer/programmer, but if you still need a test guest I should be available either days.
I just remembered, I know a web designer. He's done the websites for various, inc for a card making company etc etc and also hubby's band. Do you still need anyone? I don't know if he's still doing it and I don't know what his fees are these days, but I can ask him. He might even know about Filem Pro, I don't know.

Happy to be a fall-back-on on Thursday should no one else be around to join the cake lady as a guest. But I'll happily let others have some fun.
@Barbara if he's a Wordpress specialist, please put in touch.
Thursday is good now, but still looking for two folk to help on Friday, 5pm UK...
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Someone Gave me a Marvelous Gift on Litopia!

Book Review: Color Out of Space (2020)