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Writers' influences by gender.

Effective Book Martketing on Amazon

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
Litopia’s first entirely in-house audiobook has just gone on sale on Audible (also Amazon and iTunes). It’s been an interesting and very instructive experience.

I have a dozen coupons that will give each person a FREE copy of the audiobook – normal price £15.69.

If you’d like a copy, simply send me a message and I’ll send you a unique code you can use at checkout (full instructions below).

And the catch?

Well, it is a pretty vivid book – very rock & roll. Excess all areas, as we say. If you’re easily offended, you’ll be easily offended...

Riff-Raff, Rebels & Rock Gods: An Extreme Memoir from the Golden Years of Rock

Written & narrated by our own Garry Bushell

Link to Audible UK

The real catch, though, is that I’d like you to leave a review on Audible (if you hate it, - don’t bother!)

Capisce? :)

How To Use Your Coupon

1. Go to the book's page on
2. Add the audiobook to your basket.
3. If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new
account or log in. Otherwise, proceed by clicking "Do you have a promotional
code?" beneath the cover artwork of the audiobook.
4. Enter the promo code, and click "Apply Code".
5. A credit for the audiobook will be added to your account. Click the box
next to "1 Credit" and click the "Update" button to apply the credit to the
6. Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book.
The Angelic Upstarts perform for prison inmates. The chaplain's booked them. Misled by the name, he's in for a surprise...
Finnish Glam Rock band, Hanoi Rocks, are shocked by the conditions of the people on tour in an India governed by Mrs Gandhi. Expenses only. Later, there will be a far greater shock...

Rainbow's 'Since You've Been Gone' was more my cup of tea back in the day, but this from Iron Maiden is a favourite riff: I've heard the introduction rendered slower in a live cover version, and the effect was eerie, even moving:

Iron Maiden do have some awesome guitar work. Steve Harris is a great bassist. If you like The Trooper, listen to Paschendale from the Dance of Death album.
Not open for further replies.

Writers' influences by gender.

Effective Book Martketing on Amazon