Do You use Yahoo or AOL for mail?

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Capo Famiglia
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May 19, 2014
London UK
If you do, please do not set your Litopia notifications preferences to receive emails from us.

You can change this by going into your Preferences area and deselecting the following:

Screenshot_2020-10-05 Preferences.png

Because Yahoo and AOL use the same email system whose algorithm has decided that emails from Litopia should not be delivered to their users, but should instead be reported as “abusive”.

This is causing us increasing problems with our own email service provider. I’ve asked AOL/Yahoo not to do this, but you can’t argue with an algorithm. They’re frankly useless.

I suggest you use push notifications instead. You can configure these in the same Preferences area.
I messaged AOL again today. They sent me a form email full of advice on how to access my account. *SIGH*. A link to a survey followed. 'How did we do?' Guess what I put in the boxes...
God, how infuriating. I deleted my Yahoo account in frustration a few years back, because it was so hack-prone. They should spend more time sorting THAT out, frankly.
I'm confused. In preferences does the x in a circle mean yes or no to the option. Some of mine were marked with it and some not. In any case, I have never received an email from Litopia about anything' I am with hotmail.
The x means yes, it's selected.

A good free alternative to Yahoo / AOL is Proton Mail. World class security, too.
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