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Help! How-to help needed

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Evening All :)
Have any of my Fellow Writers watched '13 Reasons Why' season one?
It's a novel by Jay Asher and It's brilliant.

If you haven't it's a MUST...



I saw season one and I have mixed feelings about it. I don't want to read the book. I believe towards the end I was a little more sold on the premise. But... generally inclined to say, "I don't think so." So much planning, so much work, so much forethought, so much .,.. caring. I'm tempted to say people who are that motivated and can put that much thought into something usually don't end their lives. Although, conversely, it takes a lot of motivation to end a life. I'm also always tempted to say psychology is a new science/philosophy/religion and we don't know enough. So, I don't know about this story. I don't think I was able to decide whether it did anyone any favors or served any useful purpose when certainly it wasn't meant to strictly be entertainment. Which, is something I can forgive a story for... but hard to forgive a story meant to tell us about bullying and rumors and teen suicide that fails... because it's not only a story that fails is it? But a story meant for teenagers and I'm not sure everything portrayed in the story is of use. It matters a little more to me when it's a story of kids that fails ... especially when it's about suicide.
Not open for further replies.

Pink & Glittery Book Covers

Help! How-to help needed