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Review Aquaman (2018)

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Review I Am Legend (2007)

Black Mirror


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Title: Aquaman

Tagline: Home Is Calling

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Director: James Wan

Cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Tainu Kirkwood, Tamor Kirkwood, Kaan Guldur, Otis Dhanji, Kekoa Kumano, Graham McTavish, Temuera Morrison, Ludi Lin, Randall Park, Michael Beach, Djimon Hounsou, Natalia Safran, Sophia Forrest, Leigh Whannell, Julie Andrews, Andrew Crawford, John Rhys-Davies, Patrick Cox, Jon Quested, Winnie Mzembe, Connor Zegenhagen, Gabriella Petkova, Braden Lewis, Vincent B. Gorce, Sasha Dulics, Rhianna Palmer, Robert Longstreet, Luke Owen

Release: 2018-12-07

Runtime: 143

Plot: Once home to the most advanced civilization on Earth, the city of Atlantis is now an underwater kingdom ruled by the power-hungry King Orm. With a vast army at his disposal, Orm plans to conquer the remaining oceanic people -- and then the surface world. Standing in his way is Aquaman, Orm's half-human, half-Atlantean brother and true heir to the throne. With help from royal counselor Vulko, Aquaman must retrieve the legendary Trident of Atlan and embrace his destiny as protector of the deep.

I gotta say, I loved this even convinced @Tim James to watch it too :)


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This is a very competently put together movie for the most part. James Wan is a good director. I'm not a fan of Amber Heard's princess, and there is a big chunk of hte film in the middle that really drags. Some of the coming of age story beats are a little too familiar and could use some freshening up.

Things I like:
-Jason Momoa. I think he's a young Arnold, or maybe the Rock.
-Solid construction. This is a film that actually bothers to construct a convincing arc for its character. It's about Aquaman growing up and learning to accept responsibility, and it's done pretty well. There's this scene where he learns this special trident twirling technique from his mentor the William Dafoe character. The climax of the movie comes and what does Aquaman do? He pulls out the trident spinning technique. Set up and payoff, something many young film makers don't seem to have the attention span to do anymore.
-nicely done visual spectacle, giant fight scenes, visual effects like true blockbuster must have. This is a very decent looking movie. It has a distinctive aesthetic. The blue green color palette is appealing.

Overall: B-
Above average time waster.
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Review I Am Legend (2007)

Black Mirror