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Flash Club Contest! April Flash Club Contest


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Here we are again, another month older and wiser, gentle Litopians...

For April, we are going to return to a Progressive Story... rules are a little different from normal, so please familiarise yourself with them below before posting :)

The Flash Club Contest can be found HERE


-no more than 25 words (or less) per entry.

-Only one entry at a time (For those rascals who may try to bend The Rules by using many words/many entries one after the other: I’ll be patrolling with my wooden spoon).

-Your entry must advance the story in a meaningful way.

-Twists have to make sense.

-Please make your entry anonymous by clicking the anonymous button, but if you forget, don't worry, that's okay too. (Note: Guardians can see who posts.)


There will be NO VOTING until the final week of April: the story will end on the 22nd and voting will start on the 23rd.

-The entry with the most votes will be the winner of an extraordinary hand-crafted (!!) virtual trophy. And, more importantly: some of our very prized, and internationally-renowned, virtual Litopi-cake.

The competition is open to all members. Feel free to enter more than once (but please read Rule No. 2 above).

-The main rule here: we ask you not to critique.