All Sorts of Silliness.

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I'm back, and ... They didn't. Only a Thomas Tank cake and one of them yellow and blue funny creatures cake, the name eludes me but they go: ahhrg arrgh arbbh.
Hmmm. I think I may need to write to the Customer Service Dept. That's really quite unacceptable. Who doesn't have ADHD flowchart cakes? Is this some sort of prejudice, I wonder? :eek: All the Hmmmmms
Totally unacceptable, yes. And why on earth don't they have a cake, listing all the pros and cons of Brexit. It would help unite the nation no end, I'm sure. But I won't go down that road any further. Instead, I'm going to enjoy the benefits of Swiss-Italian red fig mustard. Tescos should stock that too. Not selling fig mustard is bordering on discrimination of the HolesInCheesePeoples. If you talk to their customer service, could ask them to put red fig mustard on their shopping list, please? I'm tired of having to go home to get it.

Minions, that's it! The yellow blue creatures
I'm compiling my list of grievances. Prejudices against cakes and HolesInCheesePeoples in various categories of insult.

This is an exact representation of all the women in my family's storytelling style.
That's why Sunday dinner in my mother's house takes so darned long.
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