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FYI A warning about Hotmail email


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A word of warning, dear authors!

I've noticed over the past few months when scheduling the subs for the Pop-Up Submissions shows, that when I have had to contact an author in regards to their submission (for example, if their file has come through as a blank document), I can rarely contact an author who uses a Hotmail email account. My emails bounce back.

Maybe I'm extremely unlucky... BUUUUTT!!! Peter said that this is a common Hotmail issue and tbh, I would like to give any email I sent out as much of a change of survival and arrival as possible, especially one that's a submission of my work :)

This is just a FYI. It has happened a couple of times recently, and I do feel awful for those authors who are waiting for feedback or a possible representation opportunity (and, even more seriously: how can the Nigerian prince -who needs your personal details in order to access their inheritance and will happily pay you millions for your help- contact you??), all which has been dashed through the simple use of Hotmail...

RG Worsey

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Didn't think Hotmail was still going? I thought all those addresses changed a few years back.