writing groups

  1. Rich.

    Control of Writing Groups threads

    A quick reminder about the tools available in the Writing Groups! I've become aware of a few situations lately where members may have avoided problems if they had taken advantage of the full range of tools available in the Writing Groups. Please keep in mind that when you create a thread in...
  2. Rich.

    Writing Groups prefixes

    Hi everyone, Just to let you know we've binned the Writing Groups prefixes. Following on from this recent conversation, we decided the prefixes were redundant. If you're in any doubt about the extra flexibility you have in managing your Writing Groups' threads, please have a look at these...
  3. Rich.

    Important! How to Critique!

    Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder to new and old alike, if you haven't read the Writing Groups instructions for giving critique, do take a look. They may not be what you think. The Litopia Method For Giving And Receiving Writing Critiques They're guidelines. This ain't school. I've ignored...
  4. Rich.

    Important! RIP Writing Groups 'like' button

    Hi everyone, The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there is no longer a like button in Writing Groups Directory threads. This is not a technical glitch nor reason to panic. The button has been removed to foster clarity in that area of the forum. The Writing Groups are an invaluable...