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  1. popparazzi

    Help! The query letter - looking for advice.

    I'm at that stage. I can't put it off any longer. After proof reads and edits, the time has come to submit my debut novel. I've read so much conflicting advice about the style, content and format of the query letter, I've seen websites with wildly different examples, all purporting to show...
  2. Katie-Ellen

    Inkitt Novel Submissions: the Contract

    I got another email from these people today. This is their contract. What do people think? Has anyone here submitted any work to Inkitt ? (deadline today) I'd feel myself, that I would be putting my head into a bag re COPYRIGHT Here is what you win, looks pretty good, but what do you lose?
  3. Jay Aitch

    Numpty Gong

    I have just realised how stupid I have been over recent years. In my numerous attempts to submit manuscripts via email I have created the submission letter via Apple Pages or Microsoft Word, then copied and pasted. Of course that has created odd formatting issues in the New Message window, but...
  4. Erica Verrillo

    12 Calls for Submissions in October 2016 - Paying Markets

    Litopians! Arise and publish! There are a dozen calls for submissions in October. As always, there are calls for a wide variety of genres and styles. Short stories, essays, interviews, poems, and flash fiction are all welcome. All of these markets pay writers. I will be posting more markets on...