1. Rich.

    Question: Where are you in 1st-person singular present?

    I always struggle with this, am always a little confused. First-person singular past – I made tea for the octopus – that makes sense to me: someone is telling me a story about their past. And a third-person narrator can be invisible – Jimmy opened the fridge – or a raconteur – Now, the fun, if...
  2. Rich.

    POV (again), which would you go for?

    So, you've got a story, character led, one POV, so maybe first person is the obvious choice, but what if you don't like first person? What if you find it cramped and self indulgent? Do you go straight for close third? What can you do with close third that you can't do in first if you've only got...
  3. Rich.

    How do you approach POV?

    Morning everyone, I'd like to pick your brains on the subject of point of view. Do you have a favourite when writing? Is it the same when you read? When writing, are you strict about maintaining POV, or do you allow yourself some freedom as and when you see fit (moving from limited omniscient...