magical realism

  1. Christina Boyd

    Welcome… I’m New Here! Cheers from the woods of Washington State

    There once was a lady who liked books, flower gardening, and dogs. It’s me. I am that lady. Also, I’m a writer, editor, reviewer, and artist. Since 2013, I’ve worked with forty authors, self-published five multi-author Austen-adjacent anthologies, and edited over fifty books. A life member of...
  2. Rich.

    Guy Gavriel Kay: Just Enough Light: Some Thoughts on Fantasy and Literature.

    I'm sharing this because it's: The antidote to Brandon Sanderson! (whom I've read and enjoyed, I should say -- the "antidote" bit is clickbait) YouTube description: The eighth annual J.R.R Tolkien Lecture on Fantasy Literature. Broadcast online from Pembroke College, Oxford, Tuesday May 11th 2021.