i am thunder

  1. Katie-Ellen

    News A Litopian's Debut YA Novel with publisher MacMillan. Easter Reading

    Just finished reading a debut novel by Mo, a member of Litopia ...his handle here is @Madz. Mo had a story here. A story about the eternal problems of growing up, finding your place in a wider world while still nested with family. But also, a story that's a real life scorching hot potato about...
  2. Katie-Ellen

    Fanfare! Litopian Madz...His Debut YA Novel Featured in The Times :)

    Looka here:- Just seen on twitter. He did it himself! But a member here a long time, our friend, and that's something to celebrate... I know @Madz wouldn't post this himself. Read on. I Am Thunder
  3. Katie-Ellen

    Fanfare! Litopian friend publishes children's novel

    @Madz. aka Muhammad. We haven't seen him around here in a while but he's been working away, and now... I Am Thunder A 15 year old wants to write novels, but her super-controlling parents have other plans for her. Published with Macmillan Children's Books and due out January 2018. Ain't that...