1. Rich.

    Question: how about feel you Grammar – do?

    How do you feel about grammar? A conversation over in The Laboratory got me thinking: why is it that some writers love grammar while some break out in a cold sweat at its merest mention? @RK Capps, in that Lab thread, quotes writing guru Dwight V Swain talking about when things go wrong: And...
  2. Susan

    Quotation marks and names

    Apologies if this should be in Writing Groups. I wasn't sure, since it's a grammar question and not a request for critique. Sometimes it feels right to put quote marks around people's names and sometimes, in similar sentences, it doesn't. What's the rule? Google is not my friend today. Here...
  3. Nikky Lee

    Grammar hacks

    I have 5 grammar hacks that I use quite regularly when I write and edit - especially the 'by zombies' trick with passive voice and switching in pronouns in instances of who/whom. What grammar hacks do you find yourself using all the time? (I might add them to my list too!).