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  1. YA Writers' Club

    YA Writers' Club

    Welcome to the YA Writers' Club, for everyone who reads and writes YA books. Young adults who are writers can also join! Here, we can help each other hone our skills and build a clear-cut and compelling view of kids, teens, and young adults in the literature world. Many teens and young adults...
  2. mken_writes

    Where do you find your inspiration?

    Hi all I've just been writing a blog post about where famous authors found the inspiration for their novels. Just wondering what you guys do when you're in need of inspiration? Matt
  3. Richard Sutton

    Two new author interviews...

    Lately, I've been working on helping other writers create and market successful books more than I've been taking care of my own. Besides, it's always fun to discuss the behind the scenes stuff, isn't it? Here are this months interviews: Rosy Thornton's Launch of Sandlands Christopher D...